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Blue and Dusty Rose Vegan Suede Gown

Blue and Dusty Rose Vegan Suede Gown


Humanely sourced, Vegan Suede! I seriously can't wait for you to FEEL THIS material! It is the softest Ultra-Micro Faux Suede I have ever had in stock! Deep Royal Blue and Super Dusty Rose Vegan Suede Gown with  a gracious stretch and Beautiful Pixi Butt Accents(pictured). These Pixi Butt Accents can also be worn as shoulder accents! This Super Soft Vegan Suede Gown will have you feeling like an Empowered Goddess. All with Custom Cuts and lifetime guaranteed seams! This Gown fits bust size A-Full B/C with a fully adjustable halter style. Pictured with Butterfly Butt Style (not included).

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Just the Butterfly Butt? HERE