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Insectxual Storybook

Insectxual Storybook


🧚‍♀️Step into our enchanting world as Haus of Faye Presents : "Insectxual" – a daring 55-page photographic narrative weaving together the tales of bugs, birds, and bees. Prepare to be captivated by intentionally curated, one-of-a-kind bespoke storytelling and couture, meticulously crafted by Faye Ashwood and her Haus Photographers.


🦋 In the realms of "Insectxual," boundaries blur, and identities intertwine, celebrating the vibrant spectrum of human connection and expression, with one of a kind couture and imaginative storytelling.


🌟 From the delicate flutter of wings to the gentle hum of bees, each garment invokes metamorphosis and transformation. Through innovative design and sustainable practices, Haus of Faye invites you to embrace the inherent beauty of every creature, for in the eyes of "Insectxual," we are ALL ONE.


💕Join the movement towards a fashion industry that embraces unity and equality!


Experience the magic of "Insectxual" and become a part of a revolution where fashion transcends boundaries of storytelling, and love knows no limits. Join us as we celebrate the power of diversity and the universal language of love. 🐝🪲🐞🍯👑🪷


This book is decorated with a miniature lingerie set, intentionally curated by Faye.

Photography by ProtoBlack Media, Mountainstorm Photography, Getty Images, Runway7, cyph.jones, JTrev Visuals, jordanr._.r