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Regal Golden High Belles Set

Regal Golden High Belles Set


Cherish your inner Divinity in this ULTRA-High waisted Belles Set with Regal Golden Velvet and Lace. Accompanying this look is a Super Fierce, fully adjustible, Crop Top with Hand Trimmed Lace Detail to match the accents on those fierce golden high belles. These High Belles fit size 2-12 and the top accomidates cup sizes A-Full B or C with tie style halter. Paired with your favorite Multi-Way Hood style in a beautiful delicate regal golden velvet match! Wear this piece as a Hooded harem mask (pictured), hooded mask, face covering, hood, top, or hooded crop top accent, among many other interpretations!

Just the Belles? HERE!

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Just the Hood? HERE!