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Moon Maiden Fayevorite Brooch

Moon Maiden Fayevorite Brooch


Indulge in the celestial allure of "Moon Maiden" by Haus of Faye—a hand-sculpted Yoni adorned with Swarovski crystals, paying homage to the sacred depth of menstruation. 🌙 Elevate your style as a brooch, codpiece, or necklace, igniting imagination with this divine symbol. Each piece epitomizes fine, handmade, zero-waste couture—a limited masterpiece.

Unveiling our "Fallen" Campaign—a tribute to resilience, rebirth, and feminine empowerment. Each Moon Maiden exudes strength, adorned with crystals mirroring moon phases, celebrating the beauty of sacred menstruation. Join the journey, embracing power at every stage. Unleash creativity, redefine style with this fusion of artistry, bold expression, and celebration of sacred femininity. Graceful presence as seen on Jackie O'Glasses.

Lingerie and Swim set sold separately HERE

hat not for sale