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Couture with Purpose

Faye's Zero Waste Couture

and the

practice of sustainability...


Here at InspireD'Signs, Faye has been collecting materials, hand designing, and custom tailoring pieces with Zero Waste Design and intentionally sourced materials since 2006.
Faye believes in utilizing every last piece of of her beautiful materials.
All hand made, all hand sourced, strong, resilient, Ultra-Chic materials. Sourced by traveling the country and ensuring quality with the designer's hand touch. All while serving fresh Couture to her clients at a fair price. She specializes in working directly with Zero Waste Design to create sustainable fashion. In fact, Faye has helped to resource and repurpose over 300lbs of off-cuts and selvage pieces that would have otherwise gone to landfills! She truly loves fabric, and her passion is seamed into every piece, with her custom heart stitch.  <3<3<3<3<3<3

 "I started this business because I was tired of wearing stuff that didn't fit! I would struggle to feel empowered in my overpriced, ill-fitted, mass manufactured fashions. When I became a Couturier, I learned of all the harmful wasted materials. The Fashion waste problem is fairly extreme! I truly believe there is a better way! I'm looking forward to sharing my shop with you and launching my newest line of sustainable, earth friendly, Zero Waste Couture. I’d like to personally make the most impact possible, as a Designer.”

To further her mission as Fairy Princess Extraordinare, Faye has taken things above and beyond with this Zero Waste Couture project. To maximize the impact of her line, Faye wants to keep every single piece from landfills. "The biggest reason that clothing ends up in landfills is those pesky little rips in the seam. They eventually grow and ruin the garment." To maximize the impact of her line, Faye wants to keep every single piece from landfills. She guarantees the fitted seams for life!

Highly recommended for all your funky dance moves. Even the low squat and high Karate kicks ;).

Made with BIG LOVE in Denver Colorado, Fort Collins Colorado and Wonder Valley California.


Sustainable Couture for Inspiration and Empowerment.

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