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Princess Shirahoshi/Weepyhoshi

Princess Shirahoshi/Weepyhoshi


This gown is a very emotional and complex piece. It was created during some very big changes in my life that I channeled into my art. She has the energy to be a queen, just needs to get past her loss. "Weepyhoshi" is her nickname in the One Piece universe, because of how much she cried. I sometimes think that the tears of the mermaid princess, Shirahoshi, filled the ocean. "The One Piece Is real!"- Queen Elizabeth 👑


Made from delicately paired foiled spandex, foiled chiffon, puffy quilted satin, faux pearls, and copper wire. She has many small YONI sculptures throughout the piece.


This piece is incredibly special and will only sell to a client chosen and fitted by Faye herself. You must reach out directly for purchase of this piece.

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